Friday, April 8, 2011

Questions, Questions, Questions...

Questions that are forming the background to my thinking are...

- What is creativity?
- What is an idea?
- What is inspiration?
- What does it mean to be innovative?
- What does it mean to be innovative in the fashion industry?
- Who are the innovators, and in what way?
- How important is creativity to well-being and social progression?

If being creative is a necessity in the fashion industry, this leads to...

How do we make the most of our creative dispositions?

...I propose a study of methods, exercises and techniques (and the theories behind them). I would love to include primary sources - interviewing students and staff about their thoughts and experiences of being creative.

In terms of presentation...

I would love to deviate away from a typical essay/thesis format, and produce perhaps a small book that students can actually use as a reference. This could include a combination of written theory and exercises/techniques which students can undertake. Depending on what my research actually throws up, I want the presentation to help students engage in their design process and prompt their thoughts... perhaps even provide inspiration..

Working title...

Maybe something like: "The Fashion Designer's Brain: A User's Guide"?

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